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Writing about family rules Task 1. Work in groups. What rules do you have in your family? Discuss these topics and add others. Use the following verbs and expressions: let, allow, be allowed to, have to, permit, etc. • doing household chores • coming home late • preparing meals • watching TV • talking on the phone • using the family motorbike • going out with friends • Example: - During the school year, I’m not allowed to watch TV until I have finished my home


Writing about family rules (Viết về những quy tắc trong gia đinh)

Task 1: Work in groups. What rules do you have in your family? Discuss these topics and add others. Use the following verbs and expressions. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Ở gia đình em có gia quy gì? Thảo luận những chủ đề này và them những chủ đề khác.Dùng động từ và câu nói sau.)

let            allow        be         allowed         to       have to        permit etc...

A. Are there any rules in your family?

B. Sure. I think every family sets up its own rules.

C. That's right, becaio.sc a family is a society miniature. So there must be a set of rules lo keep everything in order.

D. So, what are your family rules?

A. According to our traditional culture, every member has 10 obey family rules: obedience, respect, help our superior and one another.

B. Besides these, some families have their own rules. For example, in my family everybody should share duties and responsibiliũes as required. I mean the family chores.

C. What’s your responsibility?

B. As a child in the family. I have to help my parents with household chores I can do. In particular. I'm not allowed to watch much TV for I'm now in the final year, and when I haven’t finished my exercises or homework.

D. Do you have 10 do your routine chores?

B. No. My parents spare me so much of free time.

C. Do your parents let you go out with friends?

B. Oh. nearly never during this period, except for special occasions such as birthday parties or funerals. One thing I'm never allowed 10 do is using the family’s motorbikes.

A. You mean you can only ride your bike? What about urgent cases?

In urgent eases, my lather takes me on his motorbike.

C. Oh. me too.

D. Do you think these rules limit your own rights or freedom?

D. No. On the other hand, I think these rules are very indispendable to me. They help me to live a disciplined and organized life.

Task 2: Use the ideas you have discussed above to write a letter to a pen pal about your family rules. Begin as follows. (Dùng những ý tưởng em thảo luận ở trên để viết lá thư cho một bạn tâm thư về quy tắc của gia đình em. Bắt đầu như sau)

Dear Jim.

I'm writing to talk about ray family rules. It's an interesting topic, isn’t it? It may be obvious that every family has its own rules. Mine has a few, apart from our traditional rules, especially for this school year as I'm in the final year.

First. I’m not allowed to watch TV, nearly no, except when there is a good or interesting movie or when I have finished all mv homework and exercises. And never do my parents let me to stay up so much late at night.

Next my parents don't permit me 10 go out with friends without necessary reason for example birthdays or funerals.

Besides. I have to take a balanced diet lo keep fil for my coming exam. And one more thing I have to keep up is talking on the phone, that is 1 have to set a limit to my using õf the phone.

Do you think I have a lot of rules to abide? Or I have no rights or freedom to do what I want or like?

Tell me about your family rules? Ifs much fun 10 hear about them.

Stop for now and don'I forget to give my regards to your family members.

Best wishes,

Minh Tam