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Read the passage, and then answer the questions that follow. (Đọc đoạn văn, và sau đó trả lời câu hỏi kèm theo.).

A.1. F               2.F                   3.T                4.F                   5.T
B .aren’t           2. evening        3. cinemas     4.threatres        5.knows  
         I live in a small village culled Henfield - there are about 500 people here. I love it because it’s quiet and life is slow and easy. You never have to queue in shops or banks. The village is clean - people look after it and don’t throw their rubbish in the streets. The air is also clean because there is not much heavy traffic. It’s much more friendly here them in Cl city. Everyone knows everyone and if someone has a problem, there are always people who can help.
         There aren't many things I don’t like about Henfield. One thirty is thilt there's not much to do in the everning - we haven’t got any cinemas or theatres. Another problem is that people always talk about each other tind everyone knows what everyone else is doing. But I still prefer the village life to life in a big city.
Read the passage, and then answer the questions that follow. (Đọc đoạn văn, và sau đó trả lời câu hỏi kèm theo.) .
1.Because people can sit comfortably at home to watch films or plays without any cost of transport or seats.
2.On TV. people can see plays or films of any kind, apart from news of all topics in life, political discussions or exciting football matches.
3. Because the TV viewers need to do nothing, even use his leg for everything is presented to them.
4.If we get to like watching TV too much, our lives are certainly dominated, and even We don't have time for friends and relatives or do necessary other things.
5. In my opinion, TV itself is neither good or bad. Whether it’s good or bad depends completely on the way we use it.
Fill in each blank With the correct fom of a verb in the box. (Điền mỗi chỗ trống với dạng đúng của động từ trong khung.)
pay           be           think         say        give           tell         have         get         take  come
1.have been - haven't had                 2. haven’t give - have paid
3.said                 4. had taken              5. thought - would come
6.told have / have got
Look at the map, and use the cues below to write the directions to your friends, who will come to the area by bus. to meet you at the Indian restaurant. Begin your writing with "When you come out of the bus station,... (Nhìn bản đồ, và dùng từ đề nghị bên dưới viết lời chỉ đường cho bạn của em. người sẽ đến khu vực này bằng xe buýt, để gặp em tại Nhà hàng Ấn. Bắt đầu bài viết với "When you come out of the bus station...."
traffic lights           turn right / left     come out
easy to find           walk alone           after
on the left             go straight            until
            When you come out of the bus station, turn right. You go straight ahead to the end of this street, and you’ll see the traffic lights, turn left. You're on Redham Road. The Indian Restaurant is at the beginning of the first block on our left. You can't miss it.