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Work in pairs. Discuss and write down the name of the country and its capital under each national flag.


   Task 1: Work in pairs. Discuss and write down the name of the country and its capital under each national flag. Làm việc từng đôi. Thảo luận và viết tên của quốc gia và thủ đô dưới mỗi quốc kì.)

   1. Country : Malaysia                         Capital: Kuala Lumpur

   2. Country : The Philippines                Capital : Manila

   3. Country : Laos                               Capital: Vientiane

   4. Country : Singapore                        Capital: Singapore

   5. Country: Indonesia                          Capital: Jakarta

   6. Country : Thailand                          Capital: Bangkok

   7. Country : Myannmar                       Capital: Rangoon

   8. Country : Cambodia                        Capital: Phnom Penh

   9. Country : Brunei                              Capital: Banda Seri Begawan

   Task 2. Work in groups. Discuss and use the information in Task 1 and the facts below to talk about some of the ASEAN countries. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Thảo luận và dùng thông tin ở Task 1 và những  sự kiện dưới đây để nói về một vài nước của ASEAN.)


Area: 330,252 sq. km.

Population: 27,174,000

Official langnage(s): Moiav, English, Tamil

Religion is): Islam, Buddhism Currency: Ringgit (Malaysian dollar)


Area: 300,000 sq. km.

Population: 88,875,000

Official language(s): Filipino, English

Religion(s): Christianity (mostly Roman Catholic)

Currency: Peso


Area: 513,120 sq. km.

Population: 65,694,000

Official language(s): Thai

Religion(s): Buddhism

Currency: Baht


Area: 704 sq. km.

Population: 4.589,000

Official language(s): Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil

Religion(s): Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity

Currency: Singapore dollar

    1. Malaysia has a total area of 329 758 square  kilometres. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. It has a population of 24 014 200 people. The official languages used in Malaysia are Malay, English and Tamil. The main religions in Malaysia are Islam and Buddhism, and its currency unit is Ringgit.

   2. Thailand has a total area of 514 000 square kilometres. Its capital is Bangkok. It has a population of 64 420 000 people. The official language spoken in Thailand is Thai. Buddhism is its national religion. Baht is the local curreiicy unit.

   3. The Philippines are an archipelago of 7 000 islands lying off the southeast of Asia. It has a total area of 300 000 square kilometres, lis capital is Manila. It has a population of 91 077 287 people. The main languages spoken in the Philippines are Filipino and English. The main religion in the Philippines is Roman Catholics. The monetary unit of the Philippines is Peso.