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Task 1;Task 2;Task 3

Task 1: Look at the pictures. What do you know about these football learns. (Nhìn vào các hình. Em biết gì về những đội bóng đá này?)
These pictures are about the teams that took part in the 2002 World Cup.
Picture 1 : Eneland      Picture 2 : Italy   Picture3:France   Picture 4 : German
Task 2: Work in pairs. Look at the table below. Ask and answer questions. (Làm việc từng đôi. Nhìn vào bảng bên dưới Hỏi và trả lời các câu hỏi.)
1.A : Where was the World Cup held in 1934?
B : It was held in Italy.
A : Which team played in the final match? 
B : They were Italy and Czechoslovakia.
A : Which leam won the championship?
B : It was Italy.
A : What was the score of the match?
B : It was 2 - 1.
2.A : When was the Fifth World Cup held?
B : (It was held in) 1954.
A : Where was it held ?
B : (It was held in) Switzerland.
A : Which teams played in the final match?
B : (They were )West Germany and Hungary.
A : Which team became the champion?
B : (it was) West Germany.
A : What was the score of the match?
B : (It was) 3-2.
Task 3: Work in groups. Take turns to talk about the World Cup winners, using the information in the table in Task 2. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Thay phiên nói về những đội thắng ở Cúp Thế Giới, dùnng thông tin ở bảng ở Bài tập 2.)
G. A : The fourth World Cup was held in Brazil in 1950. The two learns in the final match were Brazil and Uruguay. And Uruguay won the final match with the score 2-1.
G. B : The tenth World Cup was held in West Germany in 1974. The final match was between West Germany and Netherlands. And West Germany defeated Netherlands by 2 to 1.
G. C : The seventeenth World Cup was first held in Asia and jointly hosted by two countries Japan and Korea in 2002. The final match was between Brazil and Germany. And Brazil won the championship by defeating Germany by two to nil.