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1. Read the two letters: one from a girl and the other from Miss Wiselady. Đọc 2 bức thư sau: 1 bức từ 1 cô gái và một bức từ cô Wiselady.


1. Read the two letters: one from a girl and the other from Miss Wiselady.

Đọc 2 bức thư sau: 1 bức từ 1 cô gái và một bức từ cô Wiselady. 

Dear Miss Wiselady'.

I am in grade 9 at a school in town. I absolutely love my school, and I love my classmates, except one thing.

it seems that the girls are always saying negative things about our teachers, even our headmistress. This kind of gossip makes me uncomfortable and upset. 1 don’t think it’s good for the study atmosphere, and it would be terrible if the teachers found out. I don't know how to face up to this issue. What should 1 do?


Dear Upset.

Well, that is a nasty problem. If you really wanted to do something, you could explain how you feel. Tell them that they should not go on with the gossip. But it might be too direct for some people. I suggest you try to keep away from it as much as possible. Keep quiet, or better still, just leave them if you are not comfortable with the topic of discussion.


a, Underline the phrasal verbs in the letters and say what they mean. 

Gạch chân cụm động từ và nói xem chúng có nghĩa là gì. 

b, Câu nào đúng (T) câu nào sai (F)



  • found out: got information 
  • face up to: deal with 
  • go on with: continue 
  • keep away from: avoid 


1. F    2. T    3. T   4. T   5. F


2. Talk in groups. Prepare a one-minute talk. Choose one of the following topics.

Nói theo nhóm. Chuẩn bị đoạn nói 1 phút. Chọn 1 trong số các chủ đề sau 



3a. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions

Click tại đây để nghe:

1. Where does Michelle live?

2. Where does Mike live? 

b. Listen again and complete the sentences. 

Click tại đây để nghe:

Nghe lại và hoàn thành câu

  1. I feel like_____ here.
  2. And it seems kind of dangerous, especially ______. 
  3. We live in an apartment____ .
  4. And we can enjoy all kinds of_______ : museums...
a. 1. In a( little) town      2. In a city 
  1. a stranger 
  2. at night 
  3. downtown 
  4. entertainment 

Audio script

Michelle: Hi, Mike! How's it going?

Mike: Hi. I'm good, thanks. Are you still living in the same place?

Michelle: Yes, I'm still in that ‘sleepy’ little town. But you know, I enjoy living there. It's quiet, and everyone is friendly. I don't really like the city. I feel like a stranger here. And it seems kind of dangerous, especially at night.

Mike: Well, I live here in the city, as you know. We live in an apartment downtown. The city is big, and it doesn't feel as safe as a small town like yours. But I think the people here are pretty friendly. My neighbourhood is like a small town with its own stores, cafes, and restaurants... and we can enjoy all kinds of entertainment: cinemas, museums ...

Michelle: OK, so then on weekends I should come into the city for all that.

Mike: OK. Sure!

4. Write a letter to your pen friend about: your last visit to a craft village.

Viết một bức thư cho bạn qua thư của mình nói về chuyến thăm tới làng nghề mới nhất của bạn