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Before you read. While you read. After you read. Task 1. Choose the sentence A, B or c that is nearest in meaning to the sentence given.

I. Before you read

Work in pairs. Ask and answer these questions about the picture.

1.Where is the family?

The family may be in the sitting room at home.

2.What is each member of the family doing?

The father is playing with the son and the mother is helping (he girl with her study.

3.Is the family happy? Why (not)?

It's a happy and closely-knit family, everyone of which loves and helps one another 

II. While you read

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Task 1. Choose the sentence A, B or c that is nearest in meaning to the sentence given.

1 He doesn't come home until very late at night.

A. He never comes home late at night.

B. He comes home late at night.

C. He sometimes comes home late at night.

2. "Men build the house and women make it home

A. Both men and women are good at building houses.

B. Men and women have to live separately.

C. Men’s responsibility is to work and support the family and women’s job is to look after the family.

2. Our parents join hands to give us a nice house and a happy home.

A. Our parents work together to give us a nice house and a happy home.

B. Our parents take each other’s hands when they give us a nice house and a happy home.

C. Our parents shake hands when they give us a nice house and a happy home.

3. The boys are mischievous sometimes.

A. The boys are well-behaved sometimes.

B. The boys enjoy playing tricks and annoying people sometimes,

C. The boys miss their parents sometimes.

4. We are a very close-knit family.

A. Members of our family have very close relationships with each other.

B. Members of our family need each other.

C. Members of our family are never close to each other. 

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1.B   2.C  3.A  4.B  5.A 

Task 2. Answer the questions.

1. How busy are the parents in the passage?

2. How caring is the mother?

3. How do the father and the daughter share the household chores?

4. What is the daughter attempting to do after secondary school?

5.Why do the children feel they are safe and secure in their family?

Trả lời

1. They are very busy. They have to work long hours and sometimes they have t0 work at night.

2. She’s always the first t0 get up in the morning to make sure her children can leave home for school with breakfast and in suitable clothes. And she always makes dinner ready before her husband gets home.

3. The father sometimes cooks some special dishes and mends things around the house at weekends. And the daughter helps with the household chores: washing up and taking out the garbage. She also takes care of her two younger brothers.

4. She attempts to win a seal in a university.

5. Because they are a close-knit and supportive of one another, they often      share their feelings and whenever problems come up, they discuss them frankly and quickly find solutions

After you read

Work in groups. Compare the family described in the text with your own family.

The family in the text is larger than mine. There are four of us altogether: my parents, my sister and I.

Unlike the family in the text, only my father goes to work; he’s a teacher in a secondary school in the city. My mother’s a housewife. My sister is married and working in a bank. She hasn't had a child yet. My sister’s family lives in the same district as my family.

My mother is a devoted wife. She always lakes good care of everybody in the family. Never does she get up after five a.m. to prepare breakfast for dad and me. My father is a great husband He always keeps an good eye on the family. In his spare time, he gives a hand with household chores. He is mv great support and guide in my study.

Since I’m in the final year and under the study pressure, my parents let me have a lot of time for my schooling. Despite this, I realize my responsibility 10 help my parents with the chores: I sweep the floor, sometimes wash dishes and take out the garbage.

Like the family in the text, we are very closely-knit and supportive of one another. I feel happy because my parents are very caring. They spend as much lime for the family as possible. At weekends we. all the members of the family, sometimes gather and have dinner together. We share our feelings, joys as well as sorrows, and support one another when any problems come up.