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Hoàn thành câu bằng cách điền vào chỗ trống những từ hoặc cụm từ cho sẵn trong hộp.


1. Listen and repeat the questions paying attention to the rising intonation. (Nghe và lặp lại các câu hỏi, chú ý đến ngữ điệu lên.)

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Học sinh tự thực hành.

2. Listen and mark the rising intonation on the echo questions (...). Then practiJ reading the exchanges. (Nghe và đánh dấu ngữ điệu lên trong các câu hỏi lặp lại. Tập đọc các mẩu hội thoại dưới đây.)

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1. A: “Plant for the Planet" helped plant 12 billion trees worldwide.

B: Twelve billion trees worldwide? /

2. A: Even when turned off, electronic devices use energy.

B: Yes, they can still use energy.

3. A: Cutting down on energy use is the best way to help reduce global warming?

B: The best way to do what? /

4. A: Global warming has catastrophic effects on humans.

B: Global warming has what on humans? /

5. A: A single tree can absorb about one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime.

B: How long can a tree live?


Complete the sentences with the words in the box. (Hoàn thành câu bằng cách điền vào chỗ trống những từ / cụm từ cho sẵn trong hộp.)

* Đáp án

1. energy use                          2. extinction               3. emissions

4. carbon footprint                   5. absorb                    6. deforestation

7. diversity                              8. catastrophic


1. Rewrite the sentences using perfect participles. (Viết lại các câu sau, sử dụng Perfect participles.)


* Đáp án

1. Having learnt about the benefits of recycling and reusing, the students start ec I collecting waste paper, bottles and cans to recycle and reuse.

2. Having refused Nam's offer of a lift in his car, Mai had to walk home.

3. Having read some documents about Green Earth, Ha decided to join the organisation.

4. Having used too much chemical fertiliser on their iarm. the fanners now have to drink I polluted water.

5. Having replaced all the light bulbs in the house with LED lights, she saved a lot of I money on her electricity bills.

6. Having become too dependent on the use of electricity, we have to find alternative I sources of energy before fossil fuel runs out.

2. Combine the sentences using perfcct gerunds. (Nối hai câu với nhau bằng Perfect gerunds.)

* Đáp án

1. Tonya was strongly criticised for having dumped a lot of rubbish on the beach.

2. Sam regretted not having worked hard enough in his previous job.

3. People admired Tony for having rescued the kids from the fire.

4. I remember having seen him before.

5. The politician denied having lied to the villagers.

6. Thanh admitted haviniĩ forgotten to turn off the gas cooker before leaving the house/be tore he left his house.