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BEFORE YOU LISTEN (Trước khi em nghe)

Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions. (Làm việc từng đôi. Thảo luận những câu hỏi sau.)
1.Do you think whales are fish? why(not)? No. Whales are not fish; they are mammals because they raise their young ones on milk.
2.Because whales can produce food, oil. leather and other products for man.                       WHILE YOU LISTEN (Trong khi em nghe)
Task 1: Listen to some information about whales and dccide whether the following statements are true(T) or lalse(F). (Nghe một số thông tin về cá voi và quvết định những câu sau đúng(T) hay sai(F).)

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1.F              2.T               3.T                 4. F              5. T ,
Task 2: Listen again and then answer the following questions. (Nghe lại và sau đó trả lời các câu hỏi' sau.)

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1.what is the length and weight of the blue whale? A blue whale can grow to 30 meters in length and over 200 tons in weight.
2.why do whales like to feed in the cold oceans?  Because there's a lot of krill there, their favouriote food.
3.According to the listening passage,what are the food feeding grounds for world? Cold waters in the North and South Atlantic Ocean and the North and South Pacific Ocean are their good feeding grounds.
4.What is the main reason for the decrease in whale populations ? Heavy hunting is the main reason for the decrease in the whale population.
5.What have convervation groups asked the International Whaling Comission to do?  They have asked the International Whaling Commission to stop most whaling.
6.What would happen if we didn't take any measures to protect whales? If we didn’t take any measure to protect whales, they would disappear forever soon.
AFTER YOU LISTEN (Sau khi em nghe)
work in groups. Talk about whales, using the following cues.(Làm việc theo nhóm. Nói về cá voi, dùng các từ gợi ý sau.)
Whales are very big. They’re the largest sea animals. They’re about 30 metres long and weigh about 200 tons. Their feeding grounds are in cold waters in the North ind South Atlantic and the North and South Pacific Oceans because in these water currents there's a lot of krill- their favourite food. Now, Conservation Groups are irying to protect whale population from being exiinct.