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Work in pairs. Discuss the question : "Which of the following factors do you think might help people have a long and healthy life?"


  ❖Before You Listen

   Work in pairs. Discuss the question : "Which of the following factors do you think might help people have a long and healthy life?" (Làm việc từng đôi. Thảo luận câu hỏi “Em nghĩ yếu tố nào trong những, yếu tố sau có thể giúp dân chúng có cuộc sống lâu và khoẻ mạnh?”)

  • Eating healthy food
  • Laughing a lot
  • Drinking a lot
  •  Doing exercise
  • Going to bed early
  • Eating a lot of meat

  A. Which of the suggested factors do you think might help people to have a long and healthy life?

   B. Well, I think it's eating healthy foods and doing exercise.

   A. But I’m told that “early to bed and early to rise make man wise, ... and healthy.”

   B. Besides we should have a moderate diet in eating and drinking, for example not eating too much or drinking too much, specially hard drinks.

   In addition, in my opinion, we should have the moments of relaxation in life and avoid being strapped in stressful situations.

Listen and repeat

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   ❖ While You Listen

   Listen to the interview about people’s life expectancy in the future and do the tasks that follow. (Nghe bài đối thoại về tuổi thọ của con người trong tương lai và làm những bài tập kèm theo.)

   Task 1: Decide whether the statememts are true (T) or false (F). (Quyết định những câu nói đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

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   1. Nobody can predict how long we will be able to live in the 21st century.

   2. People’s general health will improve because they eat a lot of mushrooms.

   3. Nowadays, if people look after themselves, they can live to be 90.

   4. Within 30 years, 80% of cancers will be curable.

   5. Eternal life isn’t impossible.

  1.F                         2.F                        3.F                 4. T                    5.T

   ❖ Tapescript

   Dr. David, a Dutch biologist, is being interviewed about people’s life expectancy in the future.

   Interviewer : Many scientists predict that in the 21st century people will be living into the incredible age of 130. What do you think about it?

   Dr. David: Well, I quite agree with them. They have reasons to be confident about that

   Interviewer: What are the reasons?

  Dr. David: In fact their prediction is based on research and on the fact that the centenarian population is mushrooming as our general health improves.

   Interviewer: Can you explain this further?

   Dr. David : A century ago, average age expectancy in Europe was 45. Today, providing we look after ourselves, eat more healthily, cut down on things like bulter, alcohol and cigarettes, we can add nearly 35 years to that figure.

   Interviewer: So these are the factors that help people live longer.

   Dr. David :Yes. But the most important factor is the development in medical


   Interviewer: Whai do you mean?

   Dr. David: Nobody die from old age, but just from diseases that affect people when they get older.

   Interviewer: So scientists are trying to find cures for fatal diseases like cancer and AIDS?

   Dr. David: Right. Nowadays, about 50% of cancers are curable, and I really believe that within 30 years this will increase to 80%. And in ten years' time. AIDS will also be brought under control, too.

   Interviewer : Thai sounds interesting. What about living forever?

   Dr. David: So far. Eternal life is just science fiction. But with the advance of science, it's not impossible.

   Task 2: Listen again and answer the questions about-the- interview. (Nghe lại và trả lời câu hỏi về cuộc phỏng vấn.)

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  1. What are the factors that help people have longer life expectancy according to Dr. Davis?

   2. Which factor is the most important one? Why?

   3.What will we have been able to do about AIDS in ten years' time?

   Answer :

  1. They are eating more healthily, cutting down on things like butter, alcohol and cigarettes.

  2. It's the development in medical science, because many new medicines and new therapies on treatments as well as modern equipment will be invented.

   3. In ten years' time, AIDS will also be brought under control.

   ❖ After You Listen

   Work ill pairs. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a very long life. (Làm việc từng đôi. Thảo luận điều lợi và bất lợi của việc có cuộc sống trường thọ.)

  A. What do you think about having a very long life? Whether doesn't it bring about advantages or not?

   B. Well, if you ask me, living a very long life is an advantage.

   A. Why?

   B. First, people can do things they want to do. Secondly they can enjoy life more.

   A. I see. Old people can help their children or grandchildren by giving them experience and good advice.

  B. And “Old grandparents and parents is a wonderdful grace for children” because they have a precious opportunity to show their filial duties.

   A. But living a very long life does, actually, have some disadvantages.

   B. What makes you have that idea?

   A. Very old people are usually too weak, so they hardly do anything and they can get ill easily.

   B. You mean they will become a burden for their children.

   A. And for society, too. Additionally, very old people themselves feel lonely because their children and grandchildren have grown up and are busy with their daily work and own lives.

   B. And their peers are dead.

  A. So in a rather pessimist view, long life is not completely happy but it gives a contribution to the world’s population growth. instead.

   B. It’s impossible to reject that factor, of course.