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Work in pairs. Discuss the question: “Do you think drug-taking should be banned? Why/ Why not ?


   ❖Before You Listen

   Work in pairs. Discuss the question: “Do you think drug-taking should be banned? Why/ Why not ? (Làm việc từng đôi. Thảo luận câu hỏi: "Em nghĩ việc sử dụng ma túy phải được cấm không? Tại sao cấm? Tại sao không?)

   A. What do you think about drug-taking?

   B. Drug-taking? A serious issue worth being banned.

   A. Why do you say so?

   B. I think you're joking. Drue-taking is, at present, a very dangerous matter interesting everyone in the world.

   A. Is it that serious? People in some parts in the world such as Columbia. Afghanistan, Myanmar becomc rich or very rich by trading drug.

   B. But don’t you know most people on this planet have been fighting against drug-taking or outlawing trading drug? Personally, people should get rid of drug- taking and impose very heavy sentence on anyone that uses or trades drug.

   A. Why?

   B. Because drug-taking brings about very bad effects on not only ihe pcrsom himself / herself but also the whole society and family. Anyone that uses or gets addicted to drug becomes lazy and loses all of his / her awareness of responsibility. A. And they neglect to work. To make it much worse, drug-takur's health gets worse and worse until the day his / her life comes to an end.

   B. And it also influences on the country's economy and security.

   A. So, in sum, we should definitely make drue-taking illegal and impose a prison sentence or, if possible, put to death those who trade or use drug.

   B. I think it's the best solution.

Listen and repeat

Click tại đây để nghe:


   ❖ While You Listen

   You will hear Dr. Brown, a world population expert, talk about the world population. Liten to the interview and do the tasks that follow. (Em sẽ nghe tiến sĩ Brown, chuyên viên dân số thế giới nói về dân sỗ thế giới. Nghe cuộc đối thoại và làm bài tập kèm theo.)

   Task 1: Listen to the passage about the inhabitants of Tango Island and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). [Nghe đoạn văn về cư dân ở đảo Tango và quyết định những câu nói đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

Click tại đây để nghe:


   1. Tango Island is in the South Atlantic.

   2. They found a drug.

   3. The drug made it difficult for the people to think in a reasonable way.

   4. The whole population stopped working because of the drug.

   5. The Prime Minister warned the people many times on the radio about the drug.

   6. The islanders took the Prime Minister's advice.

   7. The Government introduced laws to make the drus illegal.

   8. The Law couldn’t have any effect.

   9. The Government exported the drug to another country

           1. F           2. F              3. T                4. T            5. F          

           6. F           7. T              8.T                 9. F

   ❖ Tapescript

   The inhabitants of Tango, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, discovered a plant which contained a powerful drug. They grew the plant all over thr island and they look the drug every day. This made it more difficult for them to think rationally - it stopped them worrying about the future and enabled them to forget all their problems. At the same time, it made it much easier for them lo relax and enjoy themselves. And beeause of the drug, the whole populaton of the island slopped working and spent all their time singing and dancing and looking at the sea.

   Unfortunately this had very bad eflects on the country’s economy, The workers and farmers became lazy, the children did no want to go to school and the whole population began to run short of food. This, however, did not discourse people from taking the drug. The Prime Minister made speeches on the TV warning them about the drug, but nobody look any notice, and before long the economy of the country was in ruins. This forced the Government to take measures. They introduced a law to make the drug illegal. But that only made the situation worse. The law couldn’t prevent the people from taking drug. On the contrary, the fact that the drug was illegal encouraged people to lake it more. They put the drug-takers into prison. But this did not have any effect, there were not enough prisons for them. Eventuslly, the Government found a solution: they exporled the drug to other countries. This saved the islanders from having to work more than one day a week, and allowed them to spend the rest of their time sitting in the sun without any care in the world.

   Task 2: Listen again and answer lhe questions. (Nghe lại và trả lời câu câu hỏi.)

Click tại đây để nghe:


   1. What did the people of Tango discover?

   2. What did they do with the plant?

   3. What negative effects did the drug bring about?

   4. How many measures did the Government take and what were they?

   5. What did the Government of Tanso decide to do eventually?


   1. They discovered a plant which contained a powerful drug.

   2. They grew it all over the island.

   3. The negative effects the drug brought about wore :

   -    the workers and farmers became lazy.

   -    children did not want to go to school,

   -    and the whole population began to run short of food.

   4. They took three measures:      a. introducins a law to make it illegal,

                                               b. putting the drua-takers inio prisons,

                                               c. exporting drug to other countries.

   5. Eventually the government decided to export the drug to other countries.

   ❖ After You Listen

   Work in groups. Discuss the question: "Do you think that the decision of the Government of Tango to export the drug to other countries was a better solution Why/ Why not?" (Làm việc từng nhóm. Thảo luận câu hỏi: "Em có nghĩ rằng quyết định của Chính phù Tango xuất khẩu ma túy sang những nước khác là giải pháp tốt hơn không” Tại sao tốt / Tại sao không ?”)

   A. Do you think the decision of the Government of Tango to export drug to other countries was a better solution?

   B. I don't think it’s a better solution.

   C. I do have the same idea.

   D. Why do you have that opinion? Trading drug is commonly considered the fastest way to make a bit: fortune. And if the people in a country became rich, their country will get powerful.

   A. But it also brings about very bad effects, on the contrary. The Government cannot prevent their people from taking drug.

   B. And as a result of it, most of their people get addicted to it.

   C. And what makes it much worse is exporting drug also brines the same very bad effects to other countries’ population as to Tango islanders : disastrous effects of the drug addict: people’s health and the economy of the country are in ruins.

   D. By reason of this, it’s very inhuman to export drug to any other country.

   A. All governments should make drug exporting illegal.