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  BEFORE YOU LISTEN (Trước khi em nghe)
Read and match a question in A with a response in B. (Đọc và ghép câu hỏi ờ phần A với câu trả lởi ở phần B.)
1 - c ; 2 - e ; 3 - a : 4 - b : 5 - d                                                                     WHILE YOU LISTEN (Trong lúc em nghe)
Task 1: Listen to the conversations and match them with the pictures. (nghe các bài đối thoại và ghép chúng với các hình.)

Click tại đây để nghe:

Conversation 1: Picture b              Conversation 2: Picture c
Conversation 3: Picture d              Conversation 4: Picture a
Task 2: Listen again and answer the questions. (nghe lại và trả lời các câu hỏi.)

Click tại đây để nghe:

1.She lakes English.
2.She's in Miss Lan Phuong’s class.
3.He’s at a party.
4.He plans to stay there for a week.
5.No, she doesn’t. She travels alone.
Task 3: Listen to the last conversation again and write in the missing words (nghe lại bài đối thoại cuối và điền các từ thiếu.)

1.it here                                 2.very               3.big              4.comfortable
5.travelling                             6.No.                 7.alone           8.for a drink

TAPESCRIPT                                                                                        Conversation 1
A : So, what are you taking this semester, Lan?
B : Well. I'm taking English.
A : Me. too. Whose class are you in?
B : Miss Lan Phuong’s.
A : How do you like the class?
B : i really enjoy it.
Conversation 2
A : Are you enjoying yourself, Nam?
B : Yes, I am.
A : Would you like me to get you something to drink?
B : Not right now. thank.                                                                         Conversation 3
A : Son, how do you like the weather in Nha Trang?
B : Oh, it’s great.
A : So , when did you get here?
B : I arrived yesterday.
A : How long are you going to stay ?
B : For a week.
A : Do you want to go for a swim?
B : Sure.
Conversation 4
A : Hoa. How do you like it here?
B It’s very nice. The hotel is big and my room is comfortable.                                         A : Are you travelling with your friends?
B : No. I’m travelling alone.
A : Would you like to go somewhere for a drink?
B : That’s great.
AFTER YOU LISTEN (Sau khi em nghe)
Work in groups. Talk about the problem(s) you have experienced at school. Làm việc theo nhóm. Nói về những khó khăn em trải qua ớ trường.)
You : Have you had any difficulties at school. Nga?
Nga : Yes. Certainly I have                                                                                 You : What difficulties?
Nga : What can I say is learning English?.
You : What’s that? Can you tell me?
Nga : In classes, we hardly practise speaking and listening at all because the time reserved for these skills is very little. And what’s more the equipment for learning such as cassettes, television.... is very little, too. And at home, I don’t have a cassette recorder to listen to my lessons; therefore I can’t practise and have a good preparation before classes.                You : Do you have any other difficulty?
Nga : Oh, yes. I live far from school and my friends’ houses. So, it's hard for me to study with my friends, especially when I have afternoon classes. Sometimes I get home late in the evening, at about 8 o’clock.