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Discuss the following questions. (Làm việc với một bạn cùng học. Thảo luận những câu hỏi sau.)


    ❖ Before You Listen

   Work with a partner. Discuss the following questions. (Làm việc với một bạn cùng học. Thảo luận những câu hỏi sau.)

   1. Yes. I often have.

   2. The bride and Ihe groom usually stand in front of their ancestors’ altar praying and asking them to bless their love and they wear rings and other jewelry to each other. Afterwards, the bride’s and the groom’s parents and relatives give them presents or jewels. Then the bride and the groom come over to present themselves to their grandparents, families’members and relatives. At the end, they have a party either at home or at a restaurant.

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  ❖  While You Listen

   Task 1: Listen to the passage and fill in the missing information. (Nghe đoạn văn và điền những thông tin thiếu.)

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  1. the groom's parents.            2. red paper       3. family or ancestors’ altar
  2. at the wedding banquet.        5. money gifts

   ❖  Tapescript


   Tourist : T                             Tourist Guide: TG

   T : Can you tell me something about the wedding ceremony in Vietnam?

   T.G : Well, wedding is very important to the Vietnamese, not only to the couple involved but also for both families. The wedding day is usually chosen by the groom's parents.

   T : What does the groom’s family do on the wedding day?

  T.G.: On the wedding day, the groom's family and relatives go to the bride’s house bringing gifts wrapped in red papers. Those who hold the trays of gifts are also carefully chosen.

   T.: Do you have the Master of Ceremonies? And what does he do during ihe wedding ceremony?

   T.G.: The Master of Ceremonies introduces thc groom, the bride, the parents, the relatives and guests of the two families. The wedding ceremony starts in front of the altar. The bride and the groom would pray, asking their ancestors' permission to be married. The Master of Ceremonies would give the wedding couple advice on starting a new family. The groom and the bride then exchange their wedding rings.

   T.: Where is the wedding banquet held?

   T.G.: Well, it depends. Often the wedding banquet is scheduled at the groom or bride’s home or at a restaurant and all close relatives, friends and neighbours are invited.

   T. What kind of food and drinks are served? Traditional food and beer or wine are. During the reception, the groom and bride and their parents stop by each table to thank their guests. The guests, in return, will give envelopes containing wedding cards and money gifts to the newly wedded couples alone with their blessings.

   T.: Oh. That’s very interesting. Thank you.

   T.G.: You're welcome.

   Task 2: Listen again and answer the questions. (Nghe lại và trả lời các câu hỏi.)

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   1. The most important thing the groom's family has to do on the wedding day is to go the bride’s house bringing gifts wrapped in red paper.

   2. They would pray and ask their ancestors to bless their love in from of the family's altar.

   3. After they pray to their ancestors .

   4. The wedding banquet is usually held either at the groom's and bride’s home or at a restaurant.

   5. They come up to each table to thank their guests.

   ❖ After You Listen

   Work in groups. Discuss the questions, "What do families often do to prepare for a wedding ceremony?"(Làm việc từng nhóm. Thảo luận câu hỏi. "Các gia đình thường làm gì để chuẩn bị lễ cưới'')

   A. The wedding ceremony is a very important occasion to every Vietnamese family."

   B. Sure it is. It's one of the most important of the Vietnamese traditional ceremonies. Therefore it must he well prepared.

   C. There’s no doubt about it. Then, what do related families do for it?

   D. I think the ceremony must he prepared tor weeks before the scheduled day.

   A. What should they do?

   B. Well. As I know, both families must decorate their houses, especially the family altars. All things must be clean or new, and gorgeous!

   C. Next they send letters of invitation to relatives, friends and neighbours, usually ten days before. To the people who live nearby, they must come to invite them in person.

   A. Simultaneously, they have to make a reservation at a restaurant for the wedding reception, or do all things necessary for it.

   C. And the most important thing the groom’s parents must do is they must prepare all things, for example jewels, money, presents, for the wedding day.

   D. Besides, the groom’s parents should choose the people who will accompany the groom - bringing the trays of gifts - to go to the bride's house.