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Look at die picture and discuss in groups whether this water sport is played: (Nhìn vào hình và thảo luận từng nhóm xem môn thể thao dưới nước này được chơi)


   ❖   Before You listen

   Look at die picture and discuss in groups whether this water sport is played: (Nhìn vào hình và thảo luận từng nhóm xem môn thể thao dưới nước này được chơi)

   -   in a swimming pool or in the sea. (trong hồ bơi hay ở biển)

   -   with or without equipment (có hay không trang thiết bị)

   -   individually or in a team, (cá nhân hay từng đội.)

   A. Do you know synchronized swimming?

   B. Sorry, I don't. What about you?

   C. Oh, I know it. I read about this sport in a magazine.

   D. What’s about it?

  C.First this sport is only played in a swimming pool. It’s a complicated sport because it requires the players to practise a lot beside being a good swimmer.

   A. This sport is played with music and die swimmer must wear a nose clip.

   C. And it can be played either individually or in a team

Listen and repeat

Click tại đây để nghe:


   ❖   While You Listen

   Task 1: Listen to a woman talking about synchronized swimmine and circle the most appropriate option (A, B or C) to complete each of the following sentences. (Nghe một phụ nữ nói về môn bơi nghệ thuật và khoanh câu chọn thích hợp nhất (A, B hoặc C) để điền vào mỗi câu sau.)

Click tại đây để nghe:


   1. Synchronized swimming was first performed    ……….

    A. in a swimming pool

    B. in a glass tank

    C. in a lake

   2. Curtis’s water ballet club attracted…………

    A. national publicity

    B. international publicity

    C. both national and international publicity

  3. Rules for synchronized swimming competition are based mainly on scoring methods used in…………

    A. gymnastics and diving

    B. diving and skating

    C. gymnastics and skating

  4. The first recorded competition was held in………

    A. 1907

    B. 1939

    C. 1940

   5. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) staged the first multi-team competition on……………

    A. March 1, 1940

    B. May 1, 1940

    C. March 10, 1940

                     1.B             2. C             3. A              4. B              5.A

   ❖   Tapescript

   Synchronized swimming

   The great Australian swimmer, Annette Lellerman planted the first seed of what was to become synchronized swimming when she perfomed water ballet in a glass tank in New York in 1907.

   Katherine Curtis, an American woman, was very inspired by the new water sport and tried to seek for the addition of the synchronized swimming to the school’s physical education for women. In 1923, she founded a water ballet club and sixty of her swimmers attracted national and international publicity.

   The sport quickly became popular among young women in the Chicago area and Curtis developed rules for competition, based essentially on the scoring methods used in gymnastics and diving.

  The first recorded competition was held on May 27.1939, between Chicago Teacher’s College coached by Curtis and Wright Junior College, also in Chicago.

  Shortly afterwards, synchronized swimming received another major publicity when the Association of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) was founded on March 1,1940. The following year, the AAU officially accepted synchronized swimming as a competitive sport for team events. In 1946, the first formal national championships were conducted by the AAU.

   Synchronized swimming became an Olympic cvent at the Los Angeles Games in 1984.

   Task 2: Listen again and answer the questions. (Nghe lại và trả lời câu hỏi.)

Click tại đây để nghe:


   1. Who invented synchronized swimming?

   2. When did Katherine Curtis found a water ballet club?

   3. Who developed the competition rules of synchronized swimming?

   4. When were the first formal national championships conducted?

   5. When did synchronized swimming become an Olympic event?


   1. The great Australian swimmer, Annette Leilerman did.

   2. She founded it in 1923.

   3. Curtis did.

   4. It was in 1946.

   5. It became an Olympic event at the Los Angeles Games in 1984.

   After You Listen

   Work in groups. Talk about the history of synchronized swimming, using the cues below. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Nói về lịch sử của món bơi nghệ thuật, dùng từ gợi ý dưới đây.)

   A. When did the synchronized swimming come into existence?

   B. In 1907.

   C. Who planted its seed?

   B. A great Australian swimmer. Annette Lellerman.

   D. Who developed this sport and introduced it to school curriculum?

   B. Katherine Curtis. And 1923, she founded a water ballet club in Chicago.

   A. When did it become a publicly competition?

   C. In 1939 in Chicago.

   D. When was ihe synchronized swimming accepted as a competitive sport?

   B. In 1941 by the AAU, which was founded in 1940.

   C. And in 1946, this sport was formally played for the first time in the national championships conductcd by the AAU.

  A. And in 1984 synchronized swimming becamc an Olympic event al the Los Angeles Games.