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Task 1. Listen to the conversation between Paul and Andrea and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

I. Before you listen

Look at the picture below and describe what is happening in it.

(Nhìn vào hình dưới đây hãy mô tả điều gì đang xảy ra.)

The picture shows the sccne of the reunion of a family with a big meal. We can see the happy look on every family member’s face.

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II. While you listen

Task 1. Listen to the conversation between Paul and Andrea and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). 

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  1. Andrea can’t wait for her flight.



  1. Paul is very excited about coming home.



  1. Paul’s home is 280 kilometers from where they are now.



  1. There are more children in Andrea’s family than in Paul’s.



  1. When Andrea's family get together, they often go out for dinner.



 (Nghe cuộc hội thoại giữa Paul và Andrea và quyết định câu nói đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

1.T                  2.F                        3. F                 4.T                  5.T

❖   Tapescript

Listen to Paul and Andrea talk about their family life. What are two things that are different about the families? Complete the chart.

Paid : p : Andrea : A

P. So Andrea, you're going home for the holiday?

  1. I am sure. I’ve booked a flight tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait.

P. That sounds great.

  1. What about you? Going home, too?

P. I haven't decided yet. I'm still considering ....

■A. Haven’t decided yet? Oh, you’re never going to get a flight out of here. All the seats have been reserved by now I’m sure. It's the holiday season, after nil.

P. Well, it's not very important to me. My family lives about 180 kilometer from here. I usually take the train or the coach.

A You don't sound excited about it.

P. Well we are not really a very close-knit family. I have three brothers, and they're spread out all over the place. We rarely get together as a family any more.

A. Well I try to get home as soon as possible. We’re a big family — there are six of us - children - so it's always a lot of fun.

P. Six kids?

  1. Yes. And we're all really close. My brothers are married, so it makes for a very crowded home over the holiday. And there are too many people to cook for. so we end up going out to dinner a lot. That's also fun.

P. Well, at my home, my Mother loves to cook so when we get home, she often cooks big meals. We have leftovers fur days. 

Task 2 Listen again and note down two things that are different about Paul’s and Andrea’s families.

(nghe lại và ghi lại những điều khác biệt về gia đình họ)

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Trả lời 



l - His family members are not very close

l. He lives in a very close-knit family.

2. The family often have the big meal the mother cooks at home.

2. The family often go out 10 cat when they get together.

 III. After you listen

Work in groups. Discuss the importance of family in a person s life.

(Làm việc từng nhóm. Thảo luận tậm quan trọng của gia đình trong cuộc đời mỗi người.)

A. I think there's no doubt about the importance of family to one’s life.

B. Sure. We can say nothing in life is more important than it. Family is an essential base for society. Without family, there is no society.

C. I can't agree more lo your idea. Just at the first moment of life we witness and learn the speech, gestures of love from our beloved and dears.

B. What’s more a family is an irreplaceable entity because nowhere else you can he given the true love, support, security and safety.

D. And it’s a safe selling in which you are brought up and protected.

A. As a result of this, we should learn how 10 appreciate its values and how to conserve them.

B. So, this important mailer should he taught to school population even at children’s early stage.

C.If only all our kindergartens and nurseries would do it.