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Exercise 1. Complete the following conversations with the coưect form of the verbs in the box.



- Listen and repeat

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   - Practise reading these sentences.

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   Exercise 1. Complete the following conversations with the coưect form of the verbs in the box.

See      drink     write     cook

   1. A:_____________ you______________ The Titanic yet?

   B: Yes, I have. I________________ it last night. Why?

   A: I______________ it next Friday.

   2. A: Who_______________ all the soda?

    B: Not me. I________________ any soda at all since last week.

        I_____________ water all week. It’s much healthier.

   3. A: Susan_______________ a lot of books lately.

   B:_____________ she______________ Wildest Dreams?

   A: Yes, she did. She__________________ that one about five years aso.

   4. A: You______________ for hours. When are we eating dinner?

   B: I’ve just finished. I ____________________  something special for you.

       It’s called “Ants on a tree’’.

   A: Gross!

   B: Actually, I________________ it for you many times before. It’s just

       meatballs with rice noodles.

   1. Have - see ; saw : am eoing lo sec

   2. drank ; have not drunk; drank

   3. has written ; Did - write : wrote

   4. have been cooking ; have cooked ; have cooked


   Exercise 2. Circle the letter (A, B, c or D) to complete the passaae.

   Rosemary Dare is a wildlife photographer. She (1) ___________________________  in

Uganda for many years. She (2)_________________ elephants for twenty years.

She (3)____________ thousands of pictures since the 1980s. Last year, she

(4)                                         an international prize for nature photography. She (5)

__________  many prizes over the years. Recently, Ms Dare (6)

___________ interested in rhinos. She (7)___________________ them for the last

few months. I am sure we (8)_________________ some interesting photos soon.

1.     A. lives                                             B. will live

       C. has been living                                D. doesn’t live

2.     A. has been photographing                    B. photographs

        C. is photographing                             D. was photographing


A. is taking

B. will take


C. has taken

D. takes


A. won

B. is winning


c. has won

D. has been winning


A. won

B. is winning


c. has won

D. wins


A. has become

B. becomes


c. will become

D. become


A. tracks

B. will track


c. has been tracking

D. tracking


A. will see

B. saw


c. have been seeing

D. have seen

      1. C     2. A     3. C     4. A     5.C     6. A     7. c     8. A

   Exercise 3. Complete the following letter with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

   Dear Mr Jone

   Iam writing this letter to complain about the noise from Apartment 3C.I ( 1.move)…………. into Apartment 2C on November 1. Since I (2.move)…………in, my upstairs neighbours have their stereo loudly every night. I (3.ask) …………them to  turn it down several time. But they (4.not stop) …….. the noise yet. I (5.study)………. Every night. I (6.fail)………..stops. I would be grateful if you (7.can talk) …………to my neighbours and ask them to turn down their stereo after 10.00 p.m



    1. moved         2. Moved           3. haved asked            4. have not stopped

    5. study             6. will fail          7. could talk