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Complete the sentences, using could, couldn’t or was/were (not) able to.


Exercise 1. Complete the sentences, using could, couldn’t or was/were (not) able to.

1. Laura had hurt her lee and couldn’t/ wasn't able to walk very well.

2. Sue wasn't at home when I phoned but I was able to contact her at her office.

3. I looked very carefully and I could/ was able to see a figure in the distance.

4. I wanted to buy some tomatoes. The first shop I went to didn’t have any but I was able to get some in the next shop.

5. My grandmother loved music, She could/ was able to play the piano very well.

6. I had forgotten to bring my camera so I couldn’t/ wasn’t able to take any photographs.

Exercise 2. Read the situation and write a sentence with a tag question. In each situation you are asking your friend to agree with you.

1. You’re with a friend outside a restaurant. You're looking at the prices, which are very high.

—> What do you say? (expensive) It is (very) expensive, isn't it?

2. You’ve just come out of the cinema with a friend. You really enjoyed the film. What do you say to your friend? (great)

—> The film was great, wasn’t it?

3. You and a friend are listening to a woman singing. You like her voice very much. What do you say to your friend? (a lovely voice)

—> She has a lovely voice, doesn't she?

4. You are trying on a jacket. You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. What do you say to your friend? (not/look/ Very good )

—> It doesn't look very good, does it?

5. Your friend's hair is much shorter than when you last met. What do you say to her/ him? (have/ your hair/ cut )

—> You have had your hair cut, haven't you?

Exercise 3. Mark and Jenny were showins some farnilv photographs to a friend. Here are some of the questions that were asked. Complete the questions by addine the tag questions.

1. That's a lovely picture of Sally. She looks just like Mary, doesn't she?

2. I think you’ve seen this one before, haven't you?

3. This photograph was taken in Scotland, wasn't it?

4. We took this on holiday, didn't we?

5. We’ll go there again next year, won't we?

6. You can see the sea in the distance, can't you?

7. That must be Jenny’s father, mustn't it?