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Complete the sentences. Use the modal verbs in brackets and the information in the box.

Complete the sentences. Use the modal verbs in brackets and the information in the box.

2. Complete the table.

 3. Lan’s father held a party to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Unfortunately,Mrs Thu, her grandmother, has a hearing problem and she couldn ’t hear what people were saying. After the party, Lan reported everything to her grandmother.

Example: “I’m happy to see you.”                         (Aunt Xuan)

Aunt Xuan said she was happy to see you.

a)   “This birthday cake is delicious.”                     (Uncle Hung)

b)   “I love these roses.”                                            (Miss Nga)

c)   “I’m having a wonderful time here.”                 (Cousin Mai)

d)   “I will go to Hue tomorrow.”                                (Mr. Chi)

e)   “I may have a new job.”                                      (Mrs. Hoa)

f)  “I must leave now.”                                             (Mr. Quang)

4.This morning Nga had an interview for a summer job. When she arrived home, she told her mother about the interview.


“Do you like pop music?”

=> She asked me if I liked pop music. or She asked me whether I liked pop music.

“Where do you live?”

=> She asked me where I lived.

Đáp án:
1. Complete the sentences .

 Lan                      : My grades are terrible.

Mrs Quyen               : If you want to get good grades, YOU must study hard, (must)

b.Hòa                   . I’d like to be a doctor.

Aunt Thanh : You have to go to university if you want to studv medicine, (have to).

c.Ba          : Oh. no! I weigh 60 kilos!

Nga:          :               If you want to lose weight, you should do exercise.

d.Tuan                  : Where’s Ba? He’s very late.

Mrs '1 hoa :  If he doesn’t come soon, he might miss the train.

e.Mr Ha : I feel sick.

Mrs Nga : If you want to get well, you ought to stay in bed.

f.  Na                      : I’d like to go to the movies.

Mrs Kim : You must do your homework if you want to go out.

2. Complete the table


Uncle Hung said (that) the birthday cake was delicious.

Miss Nga said (that) she loved the roses.

Cousin Mai said I that) she was having a wonderful time at this party.

Mr Chi said (that) he would go to Hue the following dav.

Mrs Hoa said (that) she might have a new job.

Mr Quang said (that) he had to leave at once.


She asked me how old I am.

She asked me if my school was / is near there.

She asked me what the name of my school was / is.

She asked me if I went to school by bicycle.

She asked me which grade I was in.

She asked me if I could / can use a computer.

She asked me why I wanted the job.

She asked me when my school vacation starts.