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1.What do these people wish? Write the sentences. (Những người này mơ ước điểu gi? Viết câu.)

1.What do these people wish? Write the sentences. (Những người này mơ ước điểu gi? Viết câu.)

a. Ba wishes he could have a new bicycle.

b. Hoa wishes she could visit her parents.

c.I wish 1 could pass the exam.

d.He wishes he could fly.

f. They wish thev could stay in [ lue.

2.Work with a partner. (Thực hành với một bạn cùng học.)

Look at Mr Thanh’s itinerary for his business trip to Singapore. Complete the sentences. Use the prepositions in the box. {Nhìn vào lọ trìnli cùa Óng Thanh trong chuyến công tác đến Singapore. Hoàn chinh các câu. Dủna giới từ trong khung.)

  1. Mr Thanh leaves Ha Noi at 2 p.m.
  2. He arrives in Singapore on Monday evening.
  3. On Tuesday morning, there is a meeting between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  4. On Wednesday, Mr Thanh has appointments till 10p.m.
  5. He returns to the hotel after 10 p.m.
  6. He will be in Singapore from Monday up to Thursday.

3.Complete the sentences with ON, AT, IN, FOR (Hoàn chình các r IU với ON,IN, AT, FOR).

  1. Goodbye. See you on Monday.
  2. The bus collected us at oo’clock early in the morning.
  3. We usually go to our home village at least once in the summer.
  4. We walked for half an hour to roach the waterfall.
  5. They planned to have the trip in .June.
  6. She loves to watch the stars at night.

4.Match the half-sentences. Then write the fill sentences in your exercise book. (Ghép các phân nửa cảu. Sau đỏ viết câu đẩy đù vào tập bài tập cua em.)

1    - e : Hoa studied hard , so she passed the exam.

2    - a : Lan is going to be in a play , so she has to learn the story.

3    - d : Nga is sick today, so she won’t go to school.

4     - b : Na wriki up lat(' , so she didn't have time for breakfast

5   - c : Mrs Robinson has to cook dinner, so she is going to market now.