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H1. Hãy hoàn thành các đoạn văn sau, dùng hình thức đủng của động từ trong ngoặc.

Language focus

• Simple tensesrn

• Present simple to talk about general truths

• (not) adjective + enough + to-infinitive

H1. Hãy hoàn thành các đoạn văn sau, dùng hình thức đủng của động từ trong ngoặc.

Hoa (0) lived in Hue last year, but now she (1) lives in Ha Noi. Yesterday. Hoa's friend Nien (2) sent Hoa a letter. Nien (3) was Hoars neighbor when Hoa lived in Hue. She (4) is younger than Hoa.

Lan (0) is Hoa’s best friend. The two girls (1) are in the same class at Quang Trung school. Last year, Hoa (2) came to the school for the first time. Lan (3) showed her around and (4) introduced her to many new friends.

Em hãv hoàn thành hội thoại, dùng hình thức đúng của động từ cho trong khung. Em sẽ phải dùng lại một vài động từ.

Ba is helping his young cousin Tuan with some homework.

Ba: What do you know about the sun. Tuan?

Tuan: The sun (0) rises in the east and (1) sets in the west.

Ba: Can you tell me anything about the other planets?

Tuan: I know something about the earth. It (2) goes/moves around the sun.

Ba: Yes. and the moon (3) goes/moves round the Earth.

Tuan: Where is Mars, Ba?

Ba: It (4) is near the sun.

Tuan: No, it's silly. That (5) is Mercury. Mars (6) is near the Earth.

3. Quan sát và miêu tả.

Hãy nhìn tranh rồi hỏi và trả lời câu hỏi.

  1. There are four people in the picture.
  2. The man standing next to the taxi is tall and heavy-set. The woman is tall and thin. She has short hair. The boy sitting on the around looks tired and worried And the man standing across the street is short and fat.
  3. The man standing next to the taxi is wearing a yellow shirt and black trousers. The woman is wearing a green skirt and red blouse. She is carrying a bag on her shoulder. The man sitting on the ground is wearing blue shorts and a white shirt. And the man across the street is wearing blue trousers and a pink shirt and tie. He’s carrying briefcase.Hoàn thành hội thoại, dùng (not) adjective + enough.

a. Hoa: Can you put the groceries in vour bag?

Lan: No. It is not big enough to carry everything.

b. Hoa: Is Ba eoing to drive his father's car?

Lan: Don't be silly! Ba is not old enough to drive a car.

c. Hoa: Do you need any help?

Lan: No. thanks. I’m not strong enough to lift this box.

d. Hoa: Why don't you join our English Speaking Club?

Lan: I don't think my English is good enough to be a member.