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Tổng hợp các bài tập trong phần Getting Started - trang 46 Unit 9 SGK tiếng anh 12 mới

1. Mai and Jim are talking about their options after finishing secondary school. Listen and read. (Mai và Jim đang nói về lựa chọn của mình sau khi học xong trung học. Nghe và đọc.)

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Mai: Hi, Jim. How're things? You look very busy!

Jim: Oh, I'm surfing the net. I'm trying to find out what options are available for school leavers.

Mai: So what do you want to do after you finish secondary school?

Jim: Hmm.... I don't know, so I'm searching for websites offering career advice so that I can come up with a plan.

Mai: Do you plan to go straight to university or join the workforce without pursuing further study?

Jim: Well, I want to go straight to university, but I'm also thinking of applying for a temporary job in the summer.

Mai: What kind of job are you looking for?

Jim: I'm looking for work in marketing companies. I'd love to do smartphone marketing.

Mai: I see. You want to gain work experience, and save up some money for university.

Jim: Exactly. I've secured a university place to study economics. And how about you? What kind of career are you looking for, Mai?

Mai: Well, I'd love to work in a hospital. I want to become a doctor.

Jim: Then you'll have to study medicine.

Mai: Right. And I want to go to a medical university in the UK. You know, I took the IELTS two weeks ago, and I'm looking forward to the exam results from The English Language Centre at the British Council.

Jim: Great! Have you been in touch with The English Language Centre?

Mai: Yes, I have. They said they would send me the results next week. If I get a band score of 6.5, I'll apply for a scholarship and study in the UK.

Jim: Good luck! And remember to practise your English more often.

Mai: Thanks a lot. I'll try my best to. I want to speak English as fluently as you.

Jim: I hope that your dreams come true.

Mai: Thank you very much, Jim.

2. Answer the questions.

  1. What kind of information is Jim searching fa the Internet?
  2. What kind of job does he want to apply for ir summer?
  3. What is Mai's dream job?
  4. Who has she been in contact with for the rest of her IELTS exams?
  5. What will she do if she gets a band score of 6.5?
  6. What are your plans after you leave secondary school?

Hướng dẫn:

Trả lời các câu hỏi

  1. He is searching for career advice.
  2. He wants to apply for a temporary job of smartphone marketing in a marketing company.
  3. She would like to become a doctor.
  4. She has been in contact with (has contacted) The English Language Centre at the British Council (for the results of her IELTS exams).
  5. She will apply for a scholarship and study in the UK.
  6. Students'answers

3. Match the words and phrases in the conversation with their definitions. (Khớp từ và cụm từ trong cuộc trò chuyện với các định nghĩa của chúng.)


Đáp án:

1.c    2.d    3.e    4.f    5.a    6.b

lot of effort

4. Find sentences with phrasal verbs consisting of a verb, an adverb, and a preposition; and adverbial clauses in the conversation. Write them in the space below. (Tìm câu có cụm động từ bao gồm một động từ, một trạng từ, và một giới từ; và các mệnh đề phó từ trong cuộc trò chuyện. Viết chúng vào chỗ trống bên dưới.)

Gợi ý:

Sentences with phrasal verbs (consisting of a vert an adverb, and a preposition):

- ... so that I can come up with a plan

- I'm looking forward tothe exam results from...

Sentences with adverbial clauses:

- If I get a band score of 6.5, I'll apply for a scholarship...

- I want to speak English as fluently as you