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Đọc lại đoạn hội thoại ở phần Getting Started. Gạch chân những câu tường thuật, viết lại câu trực tiếp mà Mai nói với Phúc và bố mẹ cô ấy.

1. Read the conversation in GETTING STARTED again. Underline the reported speech, rewrite in direct speech what Mai said to brother Phuc and to her parents.

Đọc lại đoạn hội thoại ở phần Getting Started. Gạch chân những câu tường thuật, viết lại câu trực tiếp mà Mai nói với Phúc và bố mẹ cô ấy. 

Mai: ‘I'm too tired and _______

Mai: ‘I want______

Mai's parents: ‘Design _______


Mai: ‘I'm too tired and don't want to go out.’ Mai: ‘I want to be a designer.’

Mai's parents: ‘Design graduates won't find jobs easily. We want you to get a medical degree.’

2. Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech. 

Viết lại những câu sau theo cách gián tiếp. 

  1. ‘We will visit you this week,’ my parents told
  2. Our teacher asked us, ‘What are you most wor about?’
  3. ‘I'm so delighted. I've just received a su birthday present from my sister,’ Phuong told
  4. ‘Kate can keep calm even when she has lots of pressure,’Tom said.
  5. ‘I got a very high score in my last test, M she said.
  6. ‘Do you sleep at least eight hours a day? doctor asked him.


1. My parents told me they would visit me that week.

2. Our teacher asked us what we were most worried about.

3. Phuong told me she was so delighted  because she had just received a surprise birthday present from her sister.

4. Tom said Kate could keep calm even when she had lots of pressure.

5. She told her mother she had got a very high score in her last test.

6. The doctor asked him if he slept at least eight hours a day.

3.  Rewrite the sentences using question words + fo-infinitives.

Viết lại các câu sử dụng từ để hỏi và "to V" 


  1. I don't know what to wear.
  2.  Could you tell me where to sign my name?
  3. I have no idea when to leave for the bus.
  4. We're not sure where to hang the painting.
  5. He wondered how to tell this news to his parents.
  6. They can't decide who to go first.

4. Rewrite the following questions in reported speech, using question words before to-infinitive 

Viết lại câu sau đây bàng cách gián tiếp, sử dụng từ để hỏi và "to V" 

  1. ‘How should we use this support service?’ they wondered.
  2. ‘Who should I turn to for help?’ he asked.
  3. ‘Mum, when should I turn off the oven?’ Mai as her mother.
  4. ‘Where should we park our bikes?’ asked Ph and Minh.
  5. ‘Should we call her now?’he asked.
  6. ‘What should we do to make Linh feel happic. they wondered.


  1. They wondered/couldn't tell how to use that support service.
  2. He had no idea who to turn to for help.
  3. Mai asked her mother when to turn off the oven.
  4. Phong and Minh couldn't decide where to park their bikes.
  5. He was not sure whether to call her then.
  6. They wondered what to do to make Linh feel happier.

5. Game 


Decide as a whole class five questions want to ask about the teacher. Then the class divides into two groups: one group s' inside the class and the other goes outside. The teacher will tell each group the answer to the questions. The class gets together again and in pairs you must report on what the teacher has told you.

Cả lớp tìm 5 câu hỏi để hỏi giáo viên. Sau đó chia làm 2 nhóm: 1 nhóm ở trong và 1 nhóm bên ngoài. Giáo vien sẽ yêu cầu mỗi nhóm trả lời câu hỏi. Cả lớp tập hợp lại và theo cặp sẽ tường thuật lại những câu hỏi cô giáo đã hỏi.